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Port of Havana Cuba History

This is a great historical look at the port of Havana Cuba in it's glory days

Arch Ritter writes in his Recuperation and Development of the Bahia de la Habana, "The Bahia de la Habana has been a center for international shipping and trade since the early 1500s. It served as a haven from storms and pirates, a fortification against the British, a provisioning center and a gathering point for the Spanish fleet sailing between Seville and Cadiz and the ports of the New World. It is still a hard-working port, handling much of Cuba’s container and bulk shipping, as well as naval installations, cruise ship facilities and industry."

Port of Havana Photographs

All photos and text are scanned from the 1922 construction portfolio book titled Frederick Snare Corporation (formerly the Snare and Triest Company) Contracting Engineers.

It has been lent to the Havana Journal publisher by Chip Triest, grandson of the former owner of the company Wolfgang Gustave Treist (in partnership with Frederick Snare). This company, as you will see, built much of the infrastructure for the Port of Havana after the Spanish American War.

From the book...

It is the purpose of this book to record by the aid of photographic views some of the more notable as well as the more recent construction contracts executed by the FREDERICK SNARE CORPORATION, formerly The Snare and Triest Company.

Since first organized in 1900 this organization has successfully completed nearly 1,500 different contracts, ranging in size from small repair jobs to large contracts involving the expenditure of many millions of dollars.

In publishing this brief resume showing the different classes of construction work we gratefully acknowledge the assistance of our many friends and clients who have entrusted to us the carrying out of their important engineering and building problems.

On the following pages are illustrated a few of the typical classes of engineering construction which have been successfully completed by our organization.

In numerous instances the work shown has been carried out in accordance with designs and specifications prepared for the owners by our own engineering staff.

The staff of the FREDERICK SNARE CORPORATION includes competent engineers and superintendents, qualified by years of training and field practice to make investigations and reports, develop plans and designs, and after the award of the contract to effect speedy and economical construction in accordance with the best and latest standards of practice.

The contracts which we have completed have not been confined to the United States, but, as will be seen from the illustrations, also embrace work done in various islands of the West Indies, and South America, and include the following classes of work:

Piers and Pier Sheds
Coaling Plants
Steel Tanks
Ferry Terminals
Storage Terminals
Railway Yards
Railway Stations and Terminals
Jetties Railway Shops and Locomotive Houses
Elevated Railways
Tunnels and Open Cut Work
Power Plants, Steam and Hydro-electric Water Works and Reservoirs
Industrial Plants
Submarine Pipe Lines
Sugar Mills
Buildings, Office and Residence

This Corporation owns a large amount of contractors' plant and machinery located in the United States and the West Indies, consisting of floating equipment, such as pile-drivers, lighters, derrick boats, and land plant, such as cranes, steamshovels, concreting plants, etc., and is therefore in position to handle large and difficult operations without delay.

The FREDERICK SNARE CORPORATION maintains a permanent organization in New York, Philadelphia and Havana.

Our experience in Spanish-speaking countries enables us to design and carry out work with a thorough knowledge of the local conditions and requirements.

New York, N. Y., July, 1922

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